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Make or Review your Will NOW!

Everyone should have a Will but it is so easy to put off making one until another day. Sometimes, however, this can be too late! If you die without one your assets may be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes. This could mean that your partner receives less, or that the money goes to relatives you did not wish to inherit. Sometimes it can mean that your whole estate goes to The Crown!

If you already have made a Will it is important to ensure it is kept current as there are so many situations which could leave your Will outdated – family or friends moving house or passing away; children or grandchildren being born; separation or divorce or simply wanting a close friend or charity to benefit after you’re gone.

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Making a Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are increasingly becoming as import nowadays as making a Will. Wills only come into effect after your death, but what if you take ill or are involved in an accident which leaves you unable to look after your own affairs? Your next of kin or family do not automatically have any rights to look after your finances, attend to payment of your bills, or look after your welfare unless they are authorised by a Power of Attorney or the Court. Failing to have a Power of Attorney in place for stroke or dementia sufferers for example can result in applications for Guardianship being required. These are very costly and time-consuming whereas granting a Power of Attorney is quick and easy to do – and far far cheaper!

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